The Fubon Art Foundation

The Fubon Art Foundation is committed to integrating art into daily life and unleashing people's creative potential. It breaks down the barriers preventing people from taking part in art by taking art to them, through exhibitions, lectures, hands-on activities, gift-giving, literature and radio broadcasts. The foundation's promotion of installation art in public space allows people to experience a journey through space and colors, and increases their awareness of the benefits provided by a rich artistic environment.

Very Fun Park, an annual highlight of Taipei's art scene exploring the concept of a “museum without walls”, entered its 10th year in 2016, This exhibition marked the third year of the project's collaboration with National Taiwan University, where 12 artists displayed their art around the campus to engage viewers in a visual and physical dialogue with the artworks.

2016 also marked the first time the Fubon Art Foundation created encounters with art in a hotel setting through a partnership with Folio Daan Taipei. The hotel hosted an impressive collection of contemporary art by 8 artists in the lobby and other public areas, while 6 artists recreated the guestrooms with a spirit of originality.

Fubon Forum, in its 16th year, has invited 755 speakers to share their insights into the aesthetics of everyday life in 1,787 lectures since its inception, attracting an audience of more than 180,000. The 16 large public lectures and 8 fee-charging classes organized in 2016 featured a prestigious list of guest speakers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

In the year ahead, the Fubon Art Foundation will continue to put forward the idea of a “museum without walls” with projects that help people cultivate a greater appreciation and understanding of art.


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